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Orkut Officially Introduces Keyboard Shortcuts

So what do you think? Orkut keeps an eye on Orkut Blogs? Foxed? If you remember, some time back we posted a greasemonkey script which enabled you to use keyboard shortcuts for orkut. Probably, getting inspired from the idea orkut has ripped off a exactly same feature which allows you use hot keys or access keys on orkut to make orkutting quicker and hassle free.

In order to make orkut more accessible to all users, we recently added accesskeys for some commonly used links on orkut. With accesskeys, you no longer need to click your mouse to visit different pages on orkut. For example, if you are using IE, when you press “alt + s”, the focus is moved to the “Scrapbook” link at the top of the page. Pressing “enter” will then take you to your scrapbook page.

Please note that different browsers use different control key combinations for access keys. On Netscape Navigator and Mozilla Firefox, “alt + shift + s” should take you directly to your scrapbook (you don’t need to press “enter”).

Similarly, if you hold down “alt+shift,” simply press “h” for home, “p” for profile, “b” for friends, “c” for communities, “l” for logout. Almost all Browsers support feature, so please consult your browser manual to find the right key combination for your browser.

ยป Hot keys (access keys)you can use while on orkut

  • alt + shift + s – scrapbook
  • alt + shift + h – home
  • alt + shift + c – communities
  • alt + shift + b – friends
  • alt + shift + p – profile
  • alt + shift + l – logout

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