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Working – Free Airtel GPRS using TeaShark Browser

Many Orkut hacks do not work with Internet Explorer.So Get Latest Version of Firfox with GOOGLE toolbar to get the most out of Orkut.

TeaShark, a mobile browser like Opera Mini, let you access Airtel GPRS for FREE. Shockingly it has nothing to do with modifying any Airtel setting so I am clueless about how its working! I tested it personally throughout the week but I haven’t been charged a single paisa. Here is how I used this….

  • Download TeaShark browser. Its free and being JAR file it can be installed on most handsets.
  • Open it from your mobile and select AirTel Live as access point.
  • Thats it! Open any site from TeaShark and you won’t be charged anything.

Note for the first time, when TeaShark starts, it may take more than one minute to initialize. Also this one time initialization may fail many times. But don’t loose your heart!

Here are some mobile sites…

  • Gmail: m.gmail.com
  • Orkut: m.orkut.com
  • Facebook: m.facebook.com
  • Twitter: m.twitter.com

The whole thing seems a fortunate coincidence for mobile users and unfortunate one for network operators. This trick cannot be termed illegal as you are not cracking any software or modifying any configuration. For the same reason, I think this will take longer to get rectified.

Please keep in mind that AirTel or any mobile operator can calculate all unbilled/free usage anytime in future thus may charge you all of a sudden. So please use it at your own risk!

Download TeaShark (Stable Version)

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I am Vishal Gaikar, Engineer, Web Addicted, Living in Maharastra, India. Email Me @ vishal@techbucket.org


  • @ anant

    Its absolutely working dude, I am still using it..just download proper (Stable version ) version of tshark browser and try. it will help u surely

  • Hi Buddy..
    I installed d said software..
    I have got motorazer..Its initialisation is failing man…
    Tried 50 odd times ????

  • @ Karan

    Hey karan,

    Download the stable version of Tshark browser and then install it to u r motorazr…It will definatly help you…Download STABLE version dear which i post here named Alternate link

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