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FriendFeed – Best Social Aggreagator

FriendFeed is one service which I am using from long time but never mentioned it. It is a social aggregator which allows you to build a customized feed, made up of content generated or shared by your friends on various social networks as well as their own blogs.

Content includes web pages, photos, videos and music that your friends and family are sharing on Twitter, Del.icio.us, Digg, flickr, Last.fm, YouTube and many other social websites.

FriendFeed let you spy on your friends and family members. Of course, everyone on FriendFeed can control contents that show up in their updates.

Now all such updates from your list are delivered to you via a feed that you can subscribe in your favorite feed reader. If you don’t use feeds, you can get all updates delivered to your mailbox as well.

Also if you think this is just a kind of spying service, then check some features listed below, explained by Amit Agarwal.

  • Create ‘River of News’ from Your Favorite Blogs
  • Track Your Favorite Topics (like Google Alerts)
  • Find People Who Enjoy Reading Your Content
  • Subscribe to Interesting Discussions
  • Get Productive – Skip the Links That You Have Read Already
  • Take Your FriendFeed With You to Facebook, iGoogle, etc

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