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Get the latest News Alerts on Gtalk

IBNLive, one of the online news portals in India, recently launched IBNLive Gtalk Buddy.

This lets you get the latest news on your Gtalk client by sending a message to the IBNLive GTalk Buddy.

All you have to do is add “im@ibnalerts.com” to your friends list on Google Talk, that’s all. Now whenever you want to know whats happening around the world just send a message “Top” to im@ibnalerts.com and get the latest news delivered at your Google Talk.

Click on the im and use these keywords:

top : Gets you all the latest stories from IBNLive
sports : Gets you all the latest sports stories from IBNLive
biz : Gets you all the latest business stories from IBNLive
ent : Gets you all the latest showbiz stories from IBNLive
search : Search IBNLive’s stories (Example: “search Olympics”)

You can subscribe to live alerts by entering the following keywords:

s top : will subscribe you to breaking news and top stories
s sports : will subscribe you to sports alerts
s biz : will subscribe you to business alerts
s ent : will subscribe you to showbiz alerts
s all : will subscribe you to all IBNLive alerts

You can unsubscribe from any of the alerts by entering the following keywords:

us top : will unsubscribe you from breaking news and top stories
us sports : will unsubscribe you from sports alerts
us biz : will unsubscribe you from business alerts
us ent : will unsubscribe you from showbiz alerts
us all : will unsubscribe you from all IBNLive alerts

By subscribing, breaking news will flash automatically on your Gtalk window.

Note :

1) You can see all your subscriptions by sending “subscribe list”.
2) Even if status is shown invited, you can still use it.
3) You can message “help”” for details.

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