How to add a Favicon to your Blogger blog

I am posting step by step procedure of adding favicon to blogger/blogspot. Just follow the simple steps. thats it.Today I will show how to add a favicon to a blogspot blog without using any plug-in.To add a favicon you need to have a favicon and there are plenty of ways to create a favicon.

1. Create Your Own Favicon

The first step of adding the favicon is creating your own unique favicon file. The favicon is a very small icon file with ‘.ico’ extension. Use one of these online services to create your favicon:

You can either upload an image file (in JPG, PNG, or GIF) and get it converted to a favicon or draw your own favicon.

2. Upload the Icon File

Once you have your favicon ready, upload it to a web location, from where it can be accessed by Blogger. Remember, icon file is a small image file with ‘.ico’ extension. But, it cannot be uploaded to Flickr as an image.

For uploading .ico image you can use following services.

A. Fileden

B.Google Pages

3. Add This Script to Your Blog

As the third step, in your Blogger profile, go to layout and click ‘Edit HTML’. Then, just add the following code between <head> and </head> tags.

<link href=’Your Icon URL’ rel=’shortcut icon’/>
<link href=’Your Icon URL’ rel=’icon’/>

On adding this script, please replace the Your Icon URL with the correct URL of your favicon.

Once you have this script ready, save the template and check the website, your favicon should be loading fine.

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