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Yahoo Messenger Multiple Login

I have seen some versions of yahoo messenger under the name yahoo multi messenger.Actually there is no need to use such Multi Messenger Versions. You can easily convert your Yahoo messenger to a multi messenger without downloading any third party software. Use any of the tricks below to achieve it..

Method 1-

Just download this file and merge it into the registry. Now to use Multiple yahoo’s just double click yahoo messenger again and you will get the second one and so on..

OR do this using the following method.

If you prefer to do the above trick manually by yourself without using any registry file then this trick is for you

1) In Run Type in regedit and press ok Goto HKEY_CURRENT_USER>Software>yahoo>pager

2) On the right pane Create a new dword value with name Plural and value 1

3) Exit the regedit and then open multiple copies of yahoo messenger by double clicking yahoo messenger again and again…

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  • i have try secong trik.but it doesn’t work.when i open new ym,it will open current ym i have login.

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