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December 10, 2008Blogging46 Comments

In this post, I am going to share with you how to install the Most Viewed posts widget for Blogger. This widget will display a list of your popular articles, ranked by the number of views.Most Viewed Posts is a essential widget for all bloggers. It’s very useful to emphasize the hot topics on your blog. After creating this widget, all your viewed posts by readers will be counted immediately.

The unadvantage of this widget is, it sometimes slows your loading speed of your blog. Don’t panic, it’s not happening all the time.


1) Go to blogger > Layout > Add a Gadget > HTML/JavaScript

2) Copy the Following code and paste this code in HTML/ Javascript section.

Code >>

<script type=”text/javascript”>

start_views_num = 500;

limit = 7;


<script src=”” type=”text/javascript”></script>

3) Change start_view_num (Start viewed number for each post), and limit (number of displayed posts in widget) options.

4) Enjoy….

Screenshots :

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46 Responses to “Most Viewed Posts Widget for Blogger”
  1. chethan

    Dugg this post. Well I too have a blog which has listed some blogger hacks. We could do a partnership if you wished to .

  2. √ДMPIRE

    @ CHetan

    Thanks for duggin ths post..And sure we will talk upon this on mails :-)

  3. techniqueal t.

    hey, this looks like a pretty good script. will check this out and try on my test blog.

  4. √ДMPIRE

    @ techniqueal t.

    Thanks for your comment!

    Keep visitin ma blog…… Thanks :-)

  5. mistersaly

    I will try it… You have a nice & useful blog… Thanks in advance, With my best Compliments

  6. vishal.gaikar

    @ mistersaly

    Thanks for ur comment….

  7. Anonymous

  8. Rodlie Ortiz

    Hi there. I tried to install this on my blogger site, but it just shows up blank. I didn’t understand what you said by “Change Start View Number.” What am I supposed to change it to?

    Thanks so much.

  9. √ДMPIRE

    it will take some time dear

    be patience :)

  10. Ittichai Chammavanijakul

    Great job! it works like a charm. However, it displays in the format of “Blog Title: Post Title”. Can the Blog Title be removed?


  11. Abner

    dosen’t work on my site! why?

  12. √ДMPIRE

    @ Ittichai

    Sure dude, You can change it by simply changing the code in .js file… If you need any help just leave ur comment here…..


    @ Abner

    this takes some time to display…It will display on ur site surely…thanks

  13. Marian Devotee

    thanks for it!!!

  14. √ДMPIRE

    @ Marian

    U R Welcome dude

  15. Bee Ean

    Hello, this is very easy to use. Thanks a lot.

    I would like to remove the blog title so that it only shows the post title. I don’t know how to change the code in the js.file, can you help?

  16. Zain

    Thanks.. It worked ! ;)

    Nice blog BTW !

  17. vishal.gaikar

    Thanks Zain

    Welcome to world of vampire

  18. nightwatcher

    its not working on my blog its blank. i installed it 15 days ago. how much time does it take??

  19. Rodlie Ortiz

    I wish you would be more specific in your directions. I’ve tried several times to install this but have never had any look, and you don’t seem to want to help either. What gives?

  20. Slartibartfast

    It was great but… it worked for some time and then turned blank. After that I installed it several times but none working…

    Can you give a hint???

  21. sht3fu

    Slartibartfast same to me just blank this is my blog Who want to help me?

  22. sht3fu

  23. Dennis Victoriano

    For those who got it working and suddenly it turned black. It means that the server that he hosted his script had its limits. May I suggest downloading the javascript and upload it in places like geocities.

    Hope it helps.

    Dencios world

  24. √ДMPIRE

    @ Dennis

    THanks for the tip dude… I have changed the code and hosted a script on other site…. hope it will work now :)

  25. Genx4Shared

    I’ll try on my blog soon,, thanks for this one,,

  26. √ДMPIRE

    @ Genx4Shared

    WElcome dude!

  27. Znipers

    I have hosted the file to another location, but it still come with blank. any idea ?

  28. Dennis Victoriano

    This widget does not work anymore. I hope Vishal replies to the question what must have been causing the problem.

  29. phattrien

    that’s not work, i try use in 2 blog of me, but isn’t work in àn

  30. sujan

    thanx i like this


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  33. Smile

    thank you

  34. savry

    that not work

  35. IsHu

    Not working in my blog….
    dont know what is the exact error…
    may be some error with the template…

    pls help if you got some idea..

  36. Goop

    Hmm… So I did all the instructions… How long does it take before it appears? I hope it won’t take hours…

    I’m new in Blogging. Hehe… =_=

  37. your live blog

    Hope it works for my blog

  38. Time Management

    Thanks for the quick lesson on the adding the most view post for

  39. shalini

    hei i tried to do appears in the page but there are no news listed.Can i know why? There are pages viewed by visitors.


    that not working

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    Not working in my blog….
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  42. vnblognet [dot] com

    Can you show me a demo of this widget?

  43. imarvic

    btw thank’s for share this widget, unfortunately not working on my blog, would you help me?
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  44. Bsheikh

    Thanks for the effort you took to expand upon this post. I look forward to future posts.
    .-= Bsheikh@DiscussionForum´s last blog ..Discussion Forum • Discussion Forums =-.

  45. Jose Besaw

    The problem with the FB like button is that they have a TON of http requests just for that stupid button. I’d rather have something simple like the twitter follower widget.

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