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Check if Someone is Invisible or Offline in GTalk!!

Many Users prefer to stay offline to avoid someone but also to keep away from spammers and also from strangers. If yours friends are ignoring you in Gtalk,and appearing offline to you then it can easily be detected who are online but even when they are appearing invisible to you. Here is the simple trick to find the friends who are online in google talk but appearing offline.

Follow the simple steps :

1. Set the chat as off the record with target user.

2. Open the chat window of person, whom you want to check if Invisible or Offline. Go to Options and click “Go Off Record”.

3. Now send message to that user

4. If you get the message that “The user is offline and can’t receive messages right now ” that means the user is offline.

5. But if you didn’t get any message that means User is online and is in invisible mode..:)

Now Enjoy the tip and catch your friends who pretend to be offline.

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