3 Easiest Way to Download YouTube Videos To Your Computer!!

YouTube, the most popular video sharing site on the internet, allows its users to upload and share videos easily but doesn’t provide any way to download them.YouTube is a site with a lot of great video content.

It’s full of professional and amateur video clips that can provide you with hours of endless entertainment. Yet, sometimes you don’t want to say of a full video clip to your hard disk.

So if you would love to download some of the videos to your computer so that you may watch them again, then here are some quick ways to do that.

1. Add a Kiss !

Just add the word ‘kiss’ in front of the ‘youtube’ word in the URL and press enter. You will then be brought to the download page with a link to the .flv video. For example, say we want to download this Super Bowl video. The original URL would be “”. Now just add a kiss, and make it “” for the download.

2.Add pwn !

Just add “pwn” before the youtube url and you are ready to go.

You will be presented with the options for downloading YouTube videos in different formats:

Remember “pwn”, Download and Enjoy.

3.YouTube Download Software !

YouTube Downloader is the perfect tool to download videos! As a free download from, this nifty little program can easily download YouTube videos – just copy and paste the video URL and press the button! Its additional feature includes a built-in video converter to convert downloaded .flv files into other more convenient formats.

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