Copy and Move files faster and smarter with Copy Handler!

Copy Handler is a free software for Windows systems, which allows you to take full control over the file copy and move operations. Program is highly customizable and fully integrates with the operating system.I am using copy handler from last few years and i am really happy with this software because i can control each and every copy operation with it. I recommend you to use this software.

Copy Handler offers many advanced options such as task queuing, filtering files according to specific criteria, pausing and resuming copying files operations, changing the copying parameters on the fly and in many cases also offers a significant acceleration of the entire copying files process.

Advantages :

  • Allow full-control over the copying or moving process by pause, resume, restart and cancel features;
  • copying files faster than standard MS Windows copying (when copying data from one partiton to another on the same physical hard disk);
  • Multiple languages support – and more may appear, since the translation process is quite easy;
  • provides detailed informations about copy/move process (current file, buffer sizes, priority, progress by size and visual bar, status, current and average speed, time elapsed/left, …);
  • can automatically resume all unfinished operations when system starts;
  • limiting count of simultaneously processing tasks (copying/moving) – tasks are set into a queue and are processed in order it was inserted into queue;
  • integration with system – adds additional commands to context menus of folders and drag&drop menus;
  • this program is open source – just download and use.

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