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How to Remove Advertisements from Your Facebook Pages!

Now you can hides the sponsored and annoying sections that you can’t normally get rid of from your facebook pages.Normally we can see Facebook Ads at the sidebar on Facebook Pages. Facebook: Cleaner is a Greasemonkey script which removes many of the annoying ads and updates that appear on your Facebook pages.

There are cleverer Facebook tidy scripts out there, but this one is nice and simple and possibly easier to update as new adverts come along. It’s also very easy to customise, should you want some of the sections that are blocked here by default to actually appear.

Steps to Install this Script :

1. Install Greasemonkey Firefox Add-on

2. Install Facebook: Cleaner script.

3. Done!

NOTE: This script also currently suppresses the ability to use the /online friends/ box to initiate chats.

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