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Download Rapidshare files with MajorShare RapidShare Downloader

You do not have a Rapidshare Premium account and download the movie or program takes too much time? Here is a Rapidshare Downloader, it is very easy to use. A good find for users who do not have the premium on the Rapid. Remarkable swings as small and chopped into pieces the files.Rapidshare Downloader is a free download manager that download files from Rapidshare.com automatically.

Majorshare-Rapidshare Downloader, developed for downloading files from Rapidshare easily. The best thing for Free Users. that they can create download list easily, just copy and paste the link into the downloader. You don’t need to check downloading files to start next file. Just create your download list and then play your games, movies, do your jobs.

How to use:

1) Copy and paste the link from Rapidshare in the program
2) Specify the folder to save the file
3) So in general, and everything else will make the program

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