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How to Password protect a PDF document

Now you can password protect PDF documents using novaPDF Professional edition.This tutorial will tell you the procedure to protect your PDF document. Just follow the simple steps.

To password protect PDF documents with novaPDF Professional:

  • Open the document that you want to convert to PDF and password protect. Go to File->Print and in the Printers section select novaPDF Pro.
  • After novaPDF Pro is selected click on the Properties button (or Preferences) to open the novaPDF Pro Properties window.
  • Go to the Security tab and select either the Low Level or High Level Encryption method. You can setup a password for opening and/or modifying the PDF document by entering and confirming it in the User Password field (Owner Password lets you require a password when changing the security features of the PDF, not when opening it).
  • Press OK to save the printing preferences for novaPDF Pro and in the Print window of the program click OK to so that the creation of the PDF files starts (the PDF file will be displayed after it’s created). Note that the password protection will be applied to further created PDF files too unless you deselect the PDF password protect options from the Security tab.

User password is for opening (and reading) the PDF file. If you define an user password before generating the PDF file, when someone will want to open the resulting PDF file it will have to enter the user password to open it. So only the ones that know this password can read/open the password protected PDF file.

Owner password is set for changing the rights of the PDF file. The owner password is not requested when opening the PDF file but it is requesting when you want to change something in the password protected PDF file that was restricted from modifying.

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