Shorten URLs and Track them with tr.im

tr.im is an established URL shortening service that prepares great-looking short URLs for services like Twitter. If you send URLs out on Twitter, tr.im is not only the best name, it is one of the shortest.tr.im constantly collects and can then present cool graphical statistics on your URLs, such as how many times they were visited, from which locations, and referred by which websites.


1.Great Extensions

They created lots of extra tools you can use with with your free tr.im service: a Firefox extension, Dashboard Widget, and nifty bookmarklets.

2.Faster as compare to other services

tr.im‘s design emphasizes speed. Not just as in server fast, but as in process fast.

3.URL Tracking

You can track your tr.im URL’s visits: when they happened, the visitor’s location, the refering website, and, simply, the number of clicks that it got. With tr.im statistics, you know a link’s popularity.

This is the free service and with tr.im you know exactly how many people clicked on you URLs, and from where.

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