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Link and Embed Contents in Web-based Email & Blog posts Easily

Now you can easily add links and embed content in web-based email & blog posts. Lizzer works with the following blogging and email platforms: WordPress, Blogger, Typepad, Tumbler, Gmail, Yahoo! AOLmail, and more.It’s a service that makes it easy for anyone to insert links, images, and YouTube videos wherever you need them.

How it Works :

Just enter a term in the Lizzer search bar, identify the content that you want to link or embed, then click on the link or insert button to make it happen.


  • Search fast: Search and place links without even leaving your blog or email.
  • Free: No software to download. Works on Mac, PC. All popular browsers.
  • Customizable: Pick just the services that you use most.

This lets you bookmark content as you come across it and save it directly to your Lizzer account. So just give a try and let us know about your experiences.

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I am Vishal Gaikar, Engineer, Web Addicted, Living in Maharastra, India. Email Me @ vishal@techbucket.org

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