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Photo Stamp Remover : Remove Watermarks & Unwanted Details From Your Photos

Photo Stamp Remover is a photo correction tool that can remove date stamps, watermarks, scratches, stains, and other unwanted objects from digital photos.

This tool uses an intelligent restoration technology to fill the selected object with the texture generated from the pixels around the selection, so that the defect blends into the rest of the image naturally.This tool has batch mode and enables you to process several photos at a time.

Photo Stamp Remover removes the selected object by filling the area with the texture of the pixels in your environment. All in a completely automated, and where the final result is the elimination or correction of the natural image.


  • 1. To rejuvenate old photo: Removing scratches, scratches, cracks, stains, dust, etc.
  • 2. Remove unwanted objects: Face or skin imperfections, wrinkles, acne, etc.3. Remove objects by color: Removes the selected objects of the same color.
  • 4.Try more than one photo at a time.
  • 5. Easy to install
  • 6. Easy to use.
Photo Stamp Remover is Win32 applications. Windows NT4/2000/XP, 2003 or Vista is required to install

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