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Finally Moved from Blogger to WordPress : TechBucket

Finally I moved my blog from blogger to wordpress. From now you will get directly redirected to Tech Bucket, which is the new Name of my blog. Recently i got the domain and the web hosting service from Budding Bloggers. So finally my blogger blog Orkutting Tricks become Tech Bucket now. So now i am really excited about the new blog.

I’ve managed my blog on a Blogger for about 15 months.Finally i decided to move to wordpress and my reasons for trying WordPress were simply the advantage of themes and plugins offered by the community.

Tech Bucket domain & hosting

Satish from Budding Bloggers sponsored a website hosting, Ftp Account and the domain for Techbucket. Thanks for all this dude.And Ankit Puri helped me to setup this account.

Migration of the blog from blogger to WordPress :

When I got the domain from satish, i started to set up with some of the useful tutorials, which helps me a lot, I am providing the links :

1.How to migrate from blogspot to wordpress with 301 permanent redirection.

2.Moving From Blogger To WordPress – Maintaining Permalinks, Traffic & SEO

Problems I Faced :

I did some mistakes while following this tutorial. Actually this is a bit confusing work of blogger migration. While redirecting google indexed posts from blogger to new domain I was unable to directed redirection of the posts. When i was clicking on the old links , its getting redirected but it was showing the Blogger Redirect page in between the redirection process. And i was really confused about all this.

Then finally I got the solution for it πŸ™‚ . Harsh from Shout me Loud help me a lot for this. He changes lot of things and make the Direct Redirection of the blog works.

I must say this shift would have been impossible without my blog friend Harsh Agarwal. Thanks dude you rocks !

Want to Shift from Blogger to WordPress ?

If you want to move your blog from Blogger to WordPress then there are so many tutorials available on the internet about this. But if you are unable to make all this work then I simply suggest you the best service about Blogger to WordPress Migration that I know. Shout Me Loud provides the following services;

Services :

  • Shifting of Blogspot blog to Self hosted WordPress blog.
  • to self hosted WordPress blog.
  • Setting up your new WordPress blog.
  • Maintains WordPress SEO.

So you can just simply contact Harsh for the shifting through this page. Please drop your comments and give some suggestion so that i can work on them and will try to improve this blog.

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