How to get MSN.Com Email Id for Free

People always start wondering that from where they get a free .msn e-mail Id. Here is the Easiest  way to get a @MSN.com email address. Having msn.com mail account is convenient because it is shorter and this account members get preference over @hotmail.com and many other passport users when applying to Microsoft betas.Even you can show off to your friends that you have an msn.com mail address.

You are normally not able to get a msn email unless you purchase their internet service.But don’t worry, I am providing you the link which takes you to a registration page on Microsoft’s website that allows you to register for an MSN.com email and Passport account.

Just Grab the free MSN.com email address now and  login to your hotmail.com with @MSN.com mail id.

Link : Get MSN.Com Email Id

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