Download Free FLV Player to Play FLV Files

FLV Player is a standalone application to play Flash FLV files with. This utility can come in handy when viewing many FLV files, as it doesn’t require the Flash IDE. The installer comes with optional FLV association, so double clicking an FLV file opens and plays the file in the player.

Most people don’t need anything more than a Web browser and a Macromedia plug-in to watch Flash videos.The installer includes optional downloads for FLV recording and conversion software by Applian.

However, if you want a bit more control over your viewing, this open-source freeware program will do the trick. FLV Player‘s exceedingly simple controls allow you to navigate backward and forward through videos and play them in a loop.

FLV Player

And that’s about it. Our only major complaint is that the display window doesn’t automatically resize to the size of your movie frame. We hope this problem will be remedied in future versions.FLV Player isn’t a must-have by any stretch, but it’s a decent tool for penny-pinching Flash developers.

It supports both local and internet streaming content, has full screen mode and, best of all, it’s free.

Download Free FLV Player

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