How to Defragment Hard Drives From The Command Prompt

Microsoft windows comes with a powerful defragmentation utility, there might be instances when you would want to defragment your hard drives using the command line. This is very simple and easiest way to fragment the local drives.Running the disk defragmenter in command-line uses less system rescources than the GUI version and often completes faster.

Follow the simple steps :

1.Open the start menu, and click on “Run”. After this, type in cmd . A command-line window will appear.

2.To run the Windows Disk defragmenter, simply type in defrag <volume you wish to defragment> ie: If you want to defragment C drive then just type defrag c:

Microsoft has provided the additional parameters to simplified the Defragmentation of drives. So you can use this options in the command line.


Parameters :

/a : Analyzes the volume and displays a summary of the analysis report.

/v : Displays the complete analysis and defragmentation reports.

When used in combination with /a, displays only the analysis report. When used alone, displays both the analysis and defragmentation reports.

/f : Forces defragmentation of the volume regardless of whether it needs to be defragmented.

/? : Displays help at the command prompt.

Syntax :

  • defrag volume
  • defrag volume [/a]
  • defrag volume [/a] [/v]
  • defrag volume [/v]
  • defrag volume [/f]

Give a try to this simple method and Defragment your hard drives to increase the system performance.

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