Split Larger Files into Small Size with GSplit.

Now you can split your large files into a set of smaller pieces with GSplit. This application is a free reliable file splitter that lets you  split your large files like Self-Extracting archives, Zip archives, disk images, multimedia, music, video, backup, image, archive, log, large text, document files etc. into a set of smaller files called pieces.

The best future about this applications is  that the split parts  can be rejoined without the need for any programs on another computer, as it creates a small loader that can rejoin the pieces and perform functions such as checking the pieces for modification and corruption.

Features :

  • Copy to floppy or any removable media disks.
  • Distribute over the Internet, networks.
  • Send by email (forget attached file size restrictions imposed by some ISP, pop3, SMTP and other e-mail servers).
  • Archive to CD, DVD, USB Flash drive and strick, Zip disk, and any other storage device.
  • Upload to host accounts, file delivery services, online file hosting sites… that have restrictions on file sizes.
  • Share with friends, colleagues or other users through networks and the Internet.
  • Exchange using Instant Messaging clients or Instant Messenger programs

Screenshots :


So you can copy and share that small size files.GSplit can also be used to split large files to send them by email or upload them onto shared hosting websites that have maximum file size limitations.

Download GSplit

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