How to Block Someone on Facebook

Facebook is the one of the most popular social networking sites.So sometimes you can get many friend requests and there is a possibility that you might have a stalker. Don’t waste you energy replying to the negative comments and block the person whom you don’t want to respond to.This simple tutorial guide you through blocking people on Facebook.

Follow the simple steps :

Step 1 : Log in to your Facebook account and head to the “My Privacy” page.

Step 2 : List the person you want to block in the “Block List” box on the My Privacy page .

Step 3 : Now you can block whomever you wish. You just need to type their name in the box that says person and then click block.


If there are a few people with the same name, you will need to pick this person from a list. That’s it.

As per Facebook Official Blog :

If you block someone, they will not be able to find you in a Facebook search, see your profile, or interact with you through Facebook channels (such as Wall posts, Poke, etc.). Any Facebook ties you currently have with a person you block will be broken (for example, friendship connections, Relationship Status, etc.). Note that blocking someone may not prevent all communications and interactions in third-party applications, and does not extend to elsewhere on the Internet.

Note : If at any point you want to remove this block, return to your Account Settings page, and click the remove link next to the blocked person.

Block Facebook1

Give it a try if you want to block someone. And pass your comments and let us know how it works for you.

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