Change or Reduce Picture Size With a Picture Reducer

Handling so many pictures at very high resolutions and huge file sizes is a bit daunting. The picture sizes are a problem when sending via email or uploading online so changing picture sizes is imperative.But BatchPhoto will solve this problem and you can easily change and reduce picture size.

BatchPhoto can reduce picture size for dozens of pics in one operation, save your settings for later use and even perform all operations comfortably from Windows Explorer’s right-click menu.


BatchPhoto has even more useful feature to help you keep your photo collection in shape. Besides changing picture size fast it can: rename your images with meaningful names, annotate your photos with date/time, comments and even transparent watermarks. It also has special effects that can be applied on jpegs, like: sepia, black & white, charcoal and more.

So BatchPhoto is more, much more than a picture reducer it is an all-in-one tool for your picture collection!

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