GPS Vehicle Recovery with Smart Tracker

Vehicle theft is always a concern, but what if you could instantly locate your vehicle? What if you could provide the police with the exact location of your vehicle and have it back before there is any harm done? These “what ifs” can be solved with the Smart Tracker. Access your vehicles location in real time and even track the route it is taking if in use. So vehicle recovery is more easy with the Smart Tracker.

The Smart Tracker allows for on-demand, live tracking from any pc, through their web-based software. Tracking your property is a powerful method of auto theft prevention, and may even help with the prosecution of offenders.


With Smart Tracker gps tracking device, you may activate or locate the device as the need arises. After a test period the unit will remain inactive until you need to track your vehicle, activation and location can be obtained online, at any time, day or night.

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