Download Opera Mini 5 and Opera Mobile 10

Opera announced the launch of Opera Mini 5 for J2ME and Blackberry along with Opera Mobile 10. These are final releases as Opera Mini 5 was previously available as a beta. It includes features like Tabbed browsing, Speed dial and a bookmark synchronization system called Opera Link.So now Opera Mini 5 is now in its finalized version and is available for download at

Opera Mini 5 is available on all Java-based and BlackBerry (NSDQ: RIMM) phones, as well as Android and Windows Mobile (both in beta only) phones. Opera Mobile 10 is available on Windows Mobile and Symbian S60-based mobile phones.

Opera Mini 5 is a mobile web browser that is capable of running on any Java enabled phone as well as Blackberry phones and is available in its beta version for Android and Windows Mobile devices as mentioned before.


Opera Mobile 10 can be downloaded and used on Windows Mobile and Symbian S60 devices.It features Opera Turbo, a technology that offloads the web page parsing and loading from the smartphone to servers hosted by Opera. This results in less network transaction to retrieve web pages, which is a win for the user and the wireless carriers as it contributes to decongest cellular networks.

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