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Webtrends Facebook Analytics for Facebook Marketers

If you have a web site, then definitely you should be interested in having certain metrics measured that will tell you how well your website is faring.To know all this information you need  detailed web analytics of your website.

Webtrends, a company that offers marketers detailed web analytics, has rolled out new measurement capabilities for Facebook, including the ability to view Facebook data alongside data for other channels.

WebTrends Analytics offers flexible packages that can be customized to fit your needs. Tracks your server logs and users information from client-side scripts so that you can measure and test all aspects of the online experience from marketing to site content and usability.


Features :

1.Measure Visits without Permissions : Facebook analytics lets you measure visitor interactions with flashbook animations.

2.Capture visitors and Conversions : Custom apps provide a rich space for understanding and engaging unique visitors.

3.Analyse and overlay your facebook results :


Determine how Twitter chatter drives traffic to Facebook fan pages – or how activity on fan pages compares to that on your corporate blog or customer service sites.

Webtrends’ new Facebook Analytics capabilities utilize Webtrends Analytics 9, which combines their powerful real-time analytics engine with its best-in-class user interface.

Tracking custom tabs, applications and sharing provides the most complete measurement of Facebook available in the market. Additionally, using Analytics 9’s RSS overlay capabilities, marketers can easily see the impact of promotional efforts.

For the first time, marketers can view Facebook Analytics alongside other digital marketing investments such as websites, microsites, blogs, mobile apps, and more.

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