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Translate Office Documents Online for Free with DocTranslator

As we all knows that Google Translate is the most popular online translation services over the Internet. It can be used to translate websites or words/texts into other languages. What if you want to translate a document without losing the original layout of your document. DocTranslator is the free online tool which will help you to translate a document into another language and preserving the original document layout at the same time.

This service uses  Google Translate API to convert the document.You can translate any size of documents with this service. You can use it to convert documents in as many as 50 languages.


Features ::

  1. Preserves the Layout of Your Original Document.
  2. Supports translations to and from more than 50 languages.
  3. No File Size Limits on the documents you translate.
  4. No Installation, No Registration, No Email Address required.
  5. It’s Free.

Screenshot ::


DocTranslator does not store any user data during the translation process. You need to install Java before started using this application. Then visit the website and start conversion of your documents online. Share your feedback with us.

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I am Vishal Gaikar, Engineer, Web Addicted, Living in Maharastra, India. Email Me @ vishal@techbucket.org


  • The top available control technologies should be clean and innovative. Experienced scientists and engineers play a large role inside the BACT world.

  • Google is popular but I do get funny results on them. If you want to translate a document, article or website, I suggest to let translation companies do the job. If you want to translate it, you want to keep the meaning of the content the same from the original document and the output document should be on proper grammar right? I don’t believe google can do this 😛

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