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If you are looking for Latest Technology News then you can find lots of such news in one place, Bigpond Technology News. You can read and watch daily stories on new technology being developed around the world with BigPondNews. We can get tech stories related to IT, science, gadgets, and computer technology and much more.

BigPond have released a software titled ‘BigPond News Ticker’. This software is free to download for most BigPond customers and sits at the bottom of your monitor and works as a scrolling news feed feature packed with all latest breaking news headlines.The BigPond News Ticker is a must for anyone who wants to keep up to date with all the latest technology news.


You can personalize your ticker to alert you to stories with the content that you want.  You can even add your own feeds into your ticker or alerts.The News Ticker is updated automatically with 24/7 breaking news headlines so you can get the latest news as it happens.

Along with Technology new BigPond News has a more useful additions like “up to 180 video news updates per day, including hourly bulletins, sport, entertainment, politics and business wraps, available online and on mobiles”.

I can say that BigPondNews offers you the wide range of news including technology domain. Your search for technology ends at Bigpondnews.com.

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