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Those who are working in power transmission industry might have been familiar with Polyclutch. It is a leading company in the power transmission industry. This company is known for its quality precision products for miniature brakes and clutches. They have developed motion control systems that complete the unique clutch products.

If you are searching for slip clutches, you will find pneumatic clutch and mechanical slip clutches here. The slip clutch consists of two assemblies which are a cartridge that is set screwed to the input shaft and a housing that is set screwed to the output shaft. Meanwhile, the capacity of the clutch depends on the continuous operation at 50 RPM for more than 25 million cycles.

The slip clutch from Polyclutch can slip continuously for more than 30 million cycles. It can be applied in many design engineering options such as tension control, torque control, overload protection, indexing, force control, position retention hinge, and soft starts of stops.


Features :

  • No sudden shock on sensitive paper, film, wire, thread, etc.
  • Repeatable cushioned torque for protection during overload
  • Ideal for friction hinges when smooth movement of lids, doors, screens, covers, etc., is required.
  • Smooth, accurate starting/stopping of conveyors, indexing mechanisms, linear actuator, etc.
  • Long life- over 30 million cycles.

They also offers a compressive line of sub-fractional stepping motors, geared and un-geared, for the most demanding applications requiring time or motion control. Polyvolt motor products feature quality and flexibility.

They offer a standard line of PM sub-fractional H.P. synchronous or reversing gearmotors, stepping motors and D.C. gearmotors supported by numerous options including alternate voltages, speeds, shaft styles and housing configurations.

A manufacturer of quality automated capping equipment relies on Polyclutch adjustable slip clutches to control the precise amount of torque to tighten bottle caps, without wear or breakage, in this capping line application.

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