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10 Extremely Useful Safari Extensions

Safari, the Internet browser developed and maintained by Apple Inc. is the most popular browser for Mac users everywhere. It is also one of the top four browsers for Windows users as well. Extensions add functionality, usefulness and fun to the browser, allowing the user to have the best Internet experience possible. Extensions for Safari are everywhere, but the following 10 are some of the most useful available.

  1. AdBlock is an extension that blocks all ads, as advertised. Popularized by Mozilla, and an extension of the Chrome version, this extension for Safari allows a user to turn ads on and off with one click of the mouse. This is perfect for those who need to cut page loading times and memory usage.
  2. ShutUp is an extension that allows the user to disable all comments, not just his own, on various websites. Comments sometimes disable a user’s ability to do anything for up to five minutes or more and use an exorbitant amount of CPU processes when there are many of them on a single page. Giving users the ability to turn comments off saves the user page load time and cuts down of memory usage as well.
  3. Web of Trust is an extension that shows the trustworthiness of a website before a user clicks its link. A trusted panel of WOT members use the rating system to color-code alert icons next to the links warding off the user from a bad site instantly or showing the site is trustworthy.
  4. Shortly is the ultimate URL shortener. Clicking the mouse on the current website, no matter what it is, will give the user a shortened link for that page that he can copy into any text box. Including shortening of URLs for sites such as YouTube, Flickr, WordPress sites and others, the user can also enable toolbar mode to display the URL.
  5. NoMoreiTunes is an extension that blocks iTunes from starting accidentally or from starting by clicking a link that leads to iTunes Store unbeknownst to the user. While this does not yet work for movies, it still disables those “accidental” startups from going to iTunes instantly by sending the user to a page where he must click a button to start the application.
  6. Safari Access Keysaccesskeyscreenshot

    It allows a user to see the keyboard shortcut keys displayed in the toolbar so he knows which shortcuts are available to him without wasting time searching for them or using a mouse.

  7. Sessionslogo

    Session is a very useful and frustration saving extension for Safari. It works to save every session ever browsed by anyone on the Safari browser upon its closing. When the browser restarts, Session Restore activates, allowing the user to get access to any past session according to name, date, or time.

  8. Better Facebook is a great extension for all the 500 million Facebook users to easily customize how they use Facebook. With filters, comment customizers, comment and post hiders and enhanced navigation, among other features, the Better Facebook simply makes Facebook better.
  9. ScribeFire is an extension for Safari that allows users to write, edit and post to any blog from a single application in the browser. Fully features, this extension makes blogging with WordPress, Blogger and all other blogs easy and quick.
  10. CustomSearch is an extension that adds an option to the context menu that saves time and makes searching easier. This context menu option allows a user to search for highlighted text within eight search engines including Google, Wikipedia and others. users can also share images using the same context menu.

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