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Download Torrents with Firefox with FireTorrent

Firetorrent is a killer firefox extension which lets you download BitTorrent files with a single click. You just have to click on a torrent link/file and the download happens as though you’re downloading a regular file, complete with the standard download box. So you can easily download torrents with Firetorrents like downloading other file inside your browser without BitTorrent client.

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FireTorrent offers truly native integrated support for BitTorrent into Firefox and Wyzo with competitive torrent download speeds. FireTorrent integrates seamlessly into your downloads window, making downloading torrents with Bit Torrent really easy!

Firetorrent is very simple to use. Go to your favorite torrent site, search for the torrent you wish to download like you normally do. Then click on the torrent link and that’s it, Firetorrent will do the rest and you will see the torrent file being downloaded as regular download.

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Firetorrent is fully compatible with all bittorrent clients, such as utorrent, Vuze or Bittorrent, as well as with the most popular extensions such as VideoDownload Helper, Adblock plus!, Flashgot,Downthemall or Youtube Video Downloaders. So Friends, If you are looking to add BitTorrent power to your favorite browser Firefox  then I would like to recommend FireTorrent to you.

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