Keep Your Softwares Updated with TechTracker

Techtracker is the free application from the CNET. With this application you can easily track which individual application updates are available. So with the help of this software you can make sure that your PC is running the latest software versions, you get enhanced features and critical security patches.

TechTracker shows you the software on your computer that is out of date and provides you with the information to decide which updates you need. You can also view available updates online or from your desktop.

Features ::

  1. Track software for updates.
  2. Schedule your scan.
  3. Hide & Skip applications.
  4. Receive email alerts.
  5. Access product information.

After installation of the Techtracker it will scan all your installed software and then retrieves the version information provided in the executable files that come with these applications. It will provide you the information of the latest versions of the software available for downloads.

CNET Techtracker

Note : Before downloading the program, make sure you have registered for a Cnet account. They require an account for you to view the full results of your TechTracker scan.

Download TechTracker for Windows | Mac

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