10 Best Twitter Apps for Bloggers

You are consistently looking for a way to increase the functionality of both your blog and your Twitter account. There are widgets, clients and browser plugins which can enhance your experience. Here are ten great tools for the tweeting blogger. Twitter  is one of the most popular social networking site on the Internet. You can stay update to your favorite blogs , peoples using this website. Have a look to the following list.

  1. Twitterfeed – This service feeds your blog posts directly to Facebook and Twitter through your RSS feed. Once the link is created, your followers on both platforms are informed of your latest posts.
  2. Social Oomph – Formerly Tweetlater, this site provides a great network of services which can enhance both your blogging and your tweeting experience. You can schedule your tweets and literally do your social networking in your sleep. Social Oomph lets you shorten your URLs and create tweet templates for frequently tweeted statements.
  3. Twhirl – You can look at a timeline of direct messages and status updates. With Twhirl, you can search through public tweets, follow and unfollow users and send direct messages to others directly through the Twhirl interface. This dashboard is easily configurable.
  4. Twitter Tools – Twitter Tools directly integrates your WordPress blog with your Twitter account. You can make a tweet from each of your blog posts or make a blog post from each of your tweets. With Twitter Tools, you can also use your sidebar to post tweets or archive your tweets every ten minutes.
  5. Tweetmeme – This is a tweet aggregator which divides your favorite categories into subcategories and channels. Incorporate a button on every post so that your visitors can tweet some of their favorite things. You can also retweet links on Tweetmeme to your own account. Search on Tweetmeme to see if people are talking about you.
  6. Twitter Widget – Show your feed on your blog or website with this widget. You can change the color of your widget to make it stand out on your sidebar. That consistent stream of tweets should entice users to stay at your blog and watch the flow.
  7. Vizu – Create polls and release them through Twitter and WordPress. Share the information garnered from the poll directly on your site. This program is also compatible with Blogger and Myspace.
  8. TwitKit – A Firefox add on for those who enjoy tweeting while browsing. You receive updates of important tweets directly through the web. This useful plugin lets you add friends and followers, reply to specific tweets and delete tweets.
  9. Tweetdeck – A complete Twitter client which gives you full manageability over your Twitter account. You can create, manage and add Twitter lists, preview your shortened URLs, avoid spam and check out your followers with Tweetdeck.
  10. LoudTwitter – LoudTwitter takes your daily tweets and posts them to your blog as one post. You can customize your posting, sharing all of your news for that day.

Tweeting and blogging are meant to be together. There are hundreds of tools and gadgets that you can use to add value to your experience. Good luck with your blogging and tweeting!

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