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4 Ways To Earn Money Via Blogging

Blogging has become a good business these days and especially for pro-bloggers. Blogging is not a business which can give you money the next day as it needs loads of work into it. Can blogging give money at least after some months? Can it reap profits after some time has passed? Yes surely! Why not?

Here are 4 ways to make Money via Blogging

1. Google Adsense PPC:

This is the best method I know through which one can make money. It is a free publishing program offered by Google which allows you to places ads in your Site/Blog from the Publishers. It’s called Adsense! This is completely free to register program but still getting Adsense approval is not an easy thing these days. Learn how to get Adsense approval .

If you have a 6 months old blog with good design and content then Approval chances are more. When someone clicks your ads, you get paid. If you have a good number of visitors and page views you will earn a lot via Adsense! Adsense can earn you a living if you use it properly.

2. Private CPM Networks:

There are loads of private CPM Networks which pays you for Impressions usually in the scale of 1000. All that you need is to register and place the ads in your Site/Blog and get ready to earn! When a visitor loads a page then that gets registered as an impression which helps you to get money. This is a very good way to make money if your blog is monetized well.

The more the impressions, the more the money you earn. Mostly you are paid a certain amount per 1000 impressions.

3. Private Advertising:

This is again a best method which has no limitations. You can sell Text links and advertising banners in your site. There are many forums and sites which allows you to get paid after taking some percentage. This is a very good way to make money if your Site/Blog has good traffic. You can also sell paid review, inline text links, etc.

This is the most profitable of all if you have a good and popular blog. The higher your blog rank the more advertisers you will get. By rank I mean Alexa rank and Page rank. To increase both the ranks you need back links.

4. Affiliate Marketing:

This is next best thing that you can focus on. Affiliate marketing is nothing but you get paid when you promote others products and someone buys them through your link. When you register and place the links or banners of other products in your Site/Blog you will be paid a percentage of commission when a sale is made. You can also review the product. This helps generating more sales.

It is quite hard to earn via Affiliate marketing as it needs good amount of work and time and effort. There are sites like CJ, Pepperjam, E-Junkie, Etc. which offers various affiliate offers in a single place. Search for the best product to promote and get ready to make some dollars!

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  • Another concise, yet perfectly written article! When it comes to making money online, then Google Adsense is something all blogger should go for. Tough it might be a little tough to get ready for Google Adsense, it’s Google’s quality and perfection that certainly would satisfy anyone who plans to monetize his blog with a simple but perfect system. However, affiliate marketing also contributes well to making money online.
    Bappy from Make Money Online Blog recently posted..16 Ways to Make Money Online FastMy Profile

  • I’ve tried both Adsense and Affiliate marketing, and both have driven great results, which makes me interested to learn more about CPM Networks, something I haven’t tried before yet. But if it made this list, then I guess it’s a great alternative for passive income also.

    Thanks for sharing, and hope to see more tips again.

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