Bouncy Animated Circles on Google Logo

As we already know that Google Team always comes up with interesting Google Doodles on each and every special occasions and events throughout the year. Sometime Google Logo Doodles greet us as we search for something. But this time Google created amazing logo and currently you can see it on Google’s UK and US version.

This time they are with cool bouncy animated Google logo. Few days back they have come up with a few animated logos including PacMan. There are number of colorful balls which are bouncing  all over on homepage whenever  you moves the cursor on them.

Screenshot 1 :

Google Bouncy Logo

Screenshot 2 :

Google Bouncy Logo2

Let’s have a look to this colorful circles by visiting UK version and US version of Google Search. If you have seen this logo already with some other version’s of the google then let’s share it here.

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  • I seriously love google logos and their innovative ways.They always come up with something new.

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