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Everyone is an international traveler these days and they are all toting around their iPhones. Unfortunately, without international wireless service, these tech savvy people are also stuck with huge cellular bills when they return home. If they want to prevent the monstrous AT&T iPhone bill, they must completely turn off their iPhone’s data when abroad. This means no iPhone apps like Pandora, Facebook, Twitter, Shazam, Yelp, and even the NYTimes app. Those all must be turned off in order to prevent excessive charges. However, there is a solution.

The experienced travelers have all seen people plugging in a small USB stick and instantly having access to WiFi. They can get online anywhere in the world and never have to worry about missing a Twitter message. Those people all have international broadband plans to keep them connected. They are using either a mobile hotspot or a simple USB modem. Either way, when you have international wireless service, you are always connected. Never again worry about the over-usage fees from your cellular provider. Now you can keep all of your iPhone applications running constantly and never skip a beat in life. Here are 10 iPhone apps that you would have to do without if you did not have an international broadband plan.

Top 10 iPhone Applications For Travelers

  • Skype (Free): The leading app for international travelers lets people talk to their friends and family for free over WiFi. Make sure you have international wireless service though, or the data will really rack up with each phone call.

  • Google Maps (Free): Everyone has been lost at one point in time, and a GPS will be your savior when you do not speak the local language. Ask Google for directions or at least figure out where the heck the taxi dropped you off.

  • Facebook (Free): Stay connected with friends and family wherever you are. Keep everyone up to date by posting your latest travel photos, blog posts, and status updates.

  • HearPlanet ($5.99): Take a tour guide with you. When you are connected to WiFi, HearPlanet will show you the attractions near you and read the Wiki description aloud.

  • Next Flight ($2.99): People who are in and out of airports all of the time are bound to get bumped from flights, miss a flight, or want to reschedule. Next Flight tracks scheduled departures from more than 4,200 airports and 1,100 airlines, showing you all of your options.

  • Lonely Planet Phrasebook ($9.99): If you do not have a clue how to say even the most basic phrases, this handy phrasebook will speak the language for you. Instead of butchering “where is the bathroom” in Mandarin, let your iPhone app say it for you.

  • Kayak (Free): Globetrotters are always booking flights and looking for a good deal. Kayak shows you the best price flight from almost all of the international airlines. This is a one stop shop for booking cheap flights.

  • World Customs & Cultures (Free): Wherever you go, you need to understand the local customs and culture. Don’t be caught acting like a fool, simply check what the app says about proper manners and social behavior.

  • Pandora (Free): If you are sick and tired of listening to your same playlist on repeat, simply log onto Pandora and let them find songs that fit your tastes.

  • SitOrSquat (Free): No matter where you are, you will need to find a bathroom at some point. SitorSquat will not only find you a nearby restroom, but might even have photos and reviews, allowing you to be more selective.

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