Voxfone : Make calls using Skype and Gtalk On Windows phone 7

If you have a Windows Phone 7 and have been looking for a VoIP app for your phone, then you better acquire Voxofon today. Voxofon is a famous Windows Phone 7 VoIP application that allows users to make and receive calls on Skype, GTalk and others. As the developers put it, it operates all over where there is coverage, which means you don’t necessarily require a Wi-Fi connection. You can dial any destination; even make international calls. Of course, the calls made to different locations are charged differently.

For instance, if you are dialing to some place in Australia, the call from US to Australia will be charged with USD 0.0130 / minute. This is one of the best benefits you can cash from using Voxofon. However, these charges apply only on calling PSTN or other mobile networks; you can dial free calls to Skype and Gtalk. Not just phone calls, you can also send and receive sms to local and international numbers.

Voxofon International calling facility:

With Voxofon, you can call just about anybody no matter where they are residing, and which continent they call home. You can save enormously on dialing to any international destination using this VoIP app without worrying about the phone bill haunting you. No doubt, this is the best windows 7phone application ever to have launched that lets you dial as low as 1 cent per minute, while international sms charges are as low as 6 cents per message.

Quite interestingly, you can make calls to other applications using the same applications, i.e., Skype, GTalk, Sip, etc. Wi-Fi doesn’t remain as an obligatory necessity over here; wherever you have network coverage you can pick up and begin dialing.

  • How Do We Make Calls Using Voxofon?
  • Open your Voxofon app
  • Enter in the number where you desire to call (with international code), otherwise, you can select your number from the Contacts Menu
  • Voxofon will straight away reveal your destination and calling charges for that location.
  • Simply, press call and you are good to make your phone call
  • To send an sms, type in the text message and click send.

However, you will be charged for the calls you make or receive from your network operator. Voxofon app uses 1-2 KB of internet data package for setting up a call. In case you have free minutes, you won’t have to pay additional charges.
When you sign up – which is absolutely free – you will be provided with $0.50 free credit for trial in order to check out the offered services.


When you are abroad, the calls you made will be charged for as roaming charges. So, it’s best to purchase a local number of that location and then use Voxofon app to make calls.

However, you can also avail the ‘Callback Other’ function offered by Voxofon app that connects you to a local number in your home country. This way, you will only pay for the roaming internet data usage for call set up. This will be only 1-2kbs to set up the calls, as indicated previously.

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  • Question. I ordered a HTC HD7 from T-Mobile. I own a Data only plan. My plan was to use a VoIP so I won’t have to pay for an overly priced plan.
    I have unlimited data, but it cost me $.45/min. to make calls. If I use Voxofon to call my friends house in the same country as I am in, will I use my real phone minutes and pay $.45/min. or pay the $.01/min. of Voxofon?

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