Chit Chat – Facebook Chat Messenger for Your Desktop

Chit Chat is a free Facebook chat instant messenger that allows you to chat with your Facebook friends from your desktop.  Chit Chat connects to Facebook and removes the need of a web-browser to talk over Facebook Chat. Chit Chat is a dedicated Facebook chat software application for Windows – compatible with Windows XP, Vista and the more recently released Windows 7. In short, Chit Chat is a desktop Facebook add on solution.

Chit Chat, has an insightful design that is particularly feature rich yet easy to use. The tabbed chat messaging window ensures that when one is having many conversations it’s fairly easy to keep track of when a new chat message has been received.

The ability to easily customize font, colour and format of messages that are sent and received is well-liked by users of the chat messenger program.

The feature rich and light weight (small file size – 2.74mb, low memory impact and processor use) Facebook application attracts nearly 10,000 new users per day according to owners of the instant messenger client. Want to see what the fuss is all about?

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