NFC – Latest Technology in Communication

NFC or Near Field Communication is a technology that is mainly focussed on high frequency wireless communication, which helps in exchange of data over the distance of 10 centimeters (about four inches). It is an extension of ISO/ IEC 14443 proximity card standard, which combines the interface of a reader and a smartcard in to a single device.

All about NFC

This technology has evolved from interconnection technologies and the existing contact less identification. Products that come with built-in NFC will help in the interaction of consumer devices with one another, receive and share information, to make fast payments and speed connectivity.

NFC transfers data up to 424 kbits/ second and operates at 13.56 MHz and also provides simple and safe communication between the electronic devices. NFC uses both read and write technology. NFC connection can be established when two NFC compatible devices are brought within the distance of 4 centimeters of each other. Even a simple touch or a wave can establish a NFC connection, which is compatible with wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The transactions that are passed through using the NFC transactions are secure as the distance transferred is short.

NFC in mobile phones

The NFC technology can be used in most of the devices including the mobile phones. The technology can be applied in such a way that mobile phones transfer information to the digital cameras that transfer photos to a television with a single touch. It is believed that the NFC technology will remove the complexities and makes communication simpler.

Future of NFC

According to Finnish firm’s Anssi Vanjoki, NFS technology will be incorporated in all Nokia smartphones that will be manufactured during the coming year. NFC will supply mobile phones with a small internal chip that can interact with terminals that are compatible in public places and retail outlets and allows the user to load their mobile phones with virtual cash and then use the cash just by swiping the mobile phone near the receiver.

It is expected that NFC technology would be widely used in all applications from the year 2011. NFC may also be used as remote control for Bluetooth peripherals and home entertainment devices. Nokia hopes that the network providers will take up the NFC technology and that it would be a global success if it makes a substantial gain. However, Nokia will not be successful in incorporating this technology in their mobile phones unless there is a strong backing from the network companies.

NFC technology may be executed with high trend only when top companies such as Apple further produce iPhones with this technology. NFC Technology also gives hopes for the upcoming of future endeavours such as contactless payments, which requires the users to just wave their mobile over any specific reader to pay for their use.

It is estimated that the implementation of this technology in the mobile phones will result in the increase of number of people buying a new handset with NFC technology. This technology will also replace credit card usage and also the use of coupons and vouchers. Travel card, which is widely used in the UK, would also be replaced by mobile phones with the NFC Technology. This technology has the potential to totally change the way of video gaming too.


There is greater chance for NFC technology to become prevalent than any other technologies introduced so far. The reason behind the success would be the entry key technology, better security and the existing NFC payments. Once established, it is sure to become common as a mobile phone with a camera or a speaker. Let us hope that this technology will be accepted and become a big success!

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