China Mobile Begins 4G Network Trials

There is good news for all who are fond of China mobile. China’s largest mobile operators are about to launch their new venture in the market. It is a dream project of the China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The Chinese mobile operators are trying their hands on fourth generation mobile network technology now. They have been given a green signal to initiate their large scale tests on 4G mobile technology. This will be primarily launched in six cities of China. The result of this experimentation will decide the future of 4G network soon.

Currently China mobile is reining the market with more than 579 million customers worldwide. The ministry of Industry and Information Technology has recently given their consent to start theses new experimental tests with 4G networks. The cities that are chosen for these trails are Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Xiamen. Exact dates of the trials are yet to be confirmed. These tests are highly significant. The commercial success of 4G networks depends entirely on the result of these tests.

China mobile third generation network was a huge success in the market nowadays. With currently 18.8 million users worldwide 3G network is surely a great hit. In 2009 this 3G network was being launched in the market. It has used a home domestic wireless standard better known as TD-SCDMA. Seeing the overwhelming response of 3G network it is anticipated that 4G network will be even a greater success in comparison.

The question may arise what is the ultimate advantage of using a 4G network? The answer is pretty obvious. The carrier’s 4G technology will help cell phone users to exchange data at a faster speed. The TD-LTE technology is being used to make this application. It is developed domestically in China. Since 2008 different technical tests are being conducted on TD- LTE. This whole effort is initiated by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Network suppliers like Huawei, Nokia and Siemens are expected to participate in these large scale tests.

We all wish a very good luck to this new attempt and are keeping our fingers crossed for its better future. Wait and see what will happen to this new sensation in the coming days.

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