How To Burn A Video File Compatible for a DVD/CD Player

There must have been times when you saw a great movie online and just wished you could burn it in a DVD so as to be able to play it on your DVD player. This process was quite difficult a few years ago, because Internet video files have a different format and they would never play on a DVD player. The DVDs burnt thus, could only be played on the computer.

However, now there are software available that could help you burn and play DVDs for DVD players. But before you use these free software, there are certain things that you need to understand.

  1. Internet video files are large in size, therefore if you happen to be burning any drama episodes or multiple movies, make sure you use a 4GB, 8GB or a 16GB DVD/CD disc. This will help in storage space and you won’t have ten to twenty DVDs playing a favorite drama.
  2. When you do buy an 8GB or a 16GB DVD/CD disc, make sure that your burner is compatible and that it can burn these DVDs. If you have not recently updated your DVD burner, chances are that it would not be able to burn 8X or 16X DVDs (this is the writing speed). Earlier DVD burners are able to burn only 2X or 4X (2GB, 4GB) DVDs.
  3. Always try burning on a re-writable disc first before you burn on writable discs. Re-writable discs are much more expensive than the writable disc, which is why people prefer using a DVD-R instead of DVD RW in bulk.
  4. Never burn all the movies all together. Rather burn one movie, and then test it on your player. If all goes well then burn the remaining videos.
  5. While the burning is in process, try not to do any heavy work on the computer, as burning requires heavy CPU usage and in order for the process to go smoothly, you need to free the computer from any heavy work.
  6. Determine the format of the DVD. Can your player play the DVD NTSC format? The DVD PAL is of a lower quality than the DVD NTSC.

Software To Use For Burning A DVD PAL/NTSC : There are the three major software that you can use to burn files in DVD PAL/NTSC format.

1) Total Video Converter

The Total Video Converter is a freeware that you can download, install and use instantly. All you have to do is convert the files according to your desired output and then use the Media Burner to burn the DVD. It is a fairly simple process and does not require much of an effort.

2) aTube Catcher

The aTube Catcher is a one in all package. You can download the movie from the Internet, convert it and also burn it in any DVD/VCD form you want.

3) Nero Vision

Those familiar with Nero would know of the Nero Vision which is again a powerful DVD burner. However, it comes with the Nero Ultimate version and you might have to buy the entire software suit. It is not available for freeware download. And I wouldn’t recommend you to go for a torrent download either.

With all these tips and tools, I hope you will now be able to play your favorite video on your DVD player, thus enjoying the video on your TV screen.

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