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Best Way to Use Podcast Software

When a series of digital files are regularly released through the internet is called podcasting. Having been coined by Ben Hammersley this name may be misleading as it brings the iPod to mind though podcasting has nothing do with it. In the beginning it was only made use of by the techies but later became popular even among the general public. Podcasting, in short is the combination of blogging and digital audio technology and hence the creation of never-ending content supply. Podcasting can be used for talk shows, educational training and also for music demos.

Working of podcasting

The main advantage of this podcasting is that there is no need for the users to tune into a certain broadcast but it is required to just download the podcast by subscribing through an RSS feed, the acronym for Really Simple Syndication. When a user is subscribed to the RSS feed, the podcast downloading is done automatically to his computer. It takes podcasting software to record, publicize, share and store the podcasting content. There are also some of the free podcast software that enable you to edit and create an RSS feed.

How to use podcasting software

Have a microphone plugged to your computer and now install an audio recorder for Windows or any other operating system. After recording the content on your computer, all you need to do now is to upload it to any of the podcasting sites. This is where you seek the help of the pod cast software or webcasting software. After uploading the audio file you need to promote it so that the users may come to know that your podcast exists. For this you need to educate the public about podcasts and how they help the users.

When you have a website where you have your podcast done, you need to make sure that the site is extremely attractive with colorful graphics. There is also free podcast software that enables the users to customize the buttons quickly and according to their choice using an RSS graphic tool. Develop a descriptive content about the podcast to gain the attention of the listeners. Sending a press release about the podcast and submitting them to directories is also best for the promotion of the podcasts.

Before you get into podcasting it is important that you choose the right kind of software for the purpose. There are a number of many free podcasting software that are available online and can be directly downloaded. Going through a few podcast software reviews may help you choose the right one. Here are a few tips for choosing the right podcasting software.

  • The audio recorder you choose must be able to record all the tones of sound. Though a transportable audio device is not that powerful, it is best for the ones that are always on the move.
  • There must also be sound editing software for making changes in the recorded sound. Make sure the software also has a facility if removing the background noises.
  • Check if the files are saved in the compatible formats such as MP3 and MP4 or else make sure there is conversion software.
  • The software must also be able to automatically create RSS feeds with just a few clicks so that the transfer of files from the computer to the hosting site is easier.
  • A statistics or a hit counter is also a must so that you can come to know of the number of people downloaded the podcast.
  • Playback software is also essential to check for the technical errors in the final product.

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