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Mint – Manage Your Money with A Free Monthly Budget Planner

Now you can easily brings all your financial accounts together online and  automatically categorizes your transactions, lets you set budgets &  helps you achieve your savings goals with the help of free monthly budget planner provided by Mint. Mint provide a free personal finance software which is very user-friendly and offers a one-stop shop for budgeting and understanding all aspects of personal finances.

What is Budget Planning ?

Budget planning help you to identifying the sources of income and taking into account all current and future expenses, with an aim to meet an individual’s financial goals. The primary aim of a monthly budget planner is to ensure savings after the allocation for spending. The budget planner will work out your total income and expenses, so you’ll get an idea of where your money actually goes, and where you could make changes.

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If the first step of a strong financial plan is to create a budget, then the first step of creating a budget should be starting an account with Mint. Mint gives you a complete set of award-winning personal budget planner tools. And it’s all available online 24/7 in one convenient place.

With the help of Mint you will get up-to-date picture of your finances including loans, checking accounts, savings accounts, credit cards and even investments.   They can also sends you mobile alerts and updates when you get close to your spending limits.

Mint Overview

Mint.com also offers applications for iPhones and Andriods which allow users to review and edit transactions and budgets, as well as, receive current updates on their personal finances.

So I can say that Mint is a great free way to manage your money.

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