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If you were to ask people on the street to name their favorite tablet PC, you can almost guarantee that they would all say Apple’s infamous iPad. In actual fact, there are many tablet PC’s available on the market and some of them have a lot to offer. In addition to those which are already on sale, they are also a host of new ones which are to be launched soon, from big-name manufacturers such as HP (Hewlett Packard), RIM (Research in Motion), Dell, Motorola and Acer.

Judging on the various rumours and reports we have seen on these new tablets, we can look forward to hugely impressive specifications, including 1.6ghz processors and dual-core builds.

The iPad may be hugely desirable due to the large amounts of available applications and are Apple branding, but in reality the specs are not overly impressive. For around the same price as the Apple iPad you can pick up a Viewsonic tablet which not only has a dual-boot of Windows 7 and Android operating systems, but also features a 1.6ghz processor, likely to be faster than the 1ghz processor installed in the iPad.

In addition to this, as a result of the Windows 7 operating system, this tablet has much better compatibility, allowing for common software packages to be installed. But then you also get the ability to download and use hundreds of thousands of apps from the Android Market, with popular options such as Angry Birds, Facebook and Twitter applications sure to take your fancy.

The Viewsonic model is not the only tablet to rival the offering and effectiveness of the iPad, with the Advent Vega and the Samsung Galaxy Tab both offering high performance from the Android operating system.

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