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Blog Comments – Their Uses & Importance!

When you start a blog, the thing that helps you to interact with your readers and to get some feedback about your blogs is the comment section. There are some who never leaves a comment on a blog, and some always leave comments if they love the post you published. Even though, it takes a bit of time to leave a comment on a blog, yet the development of communities around the blogs has augmented the importance of comments.

Devoid of community reading as well as interaction by the way of comments, a blog will become merely a one-sided medium of expression for the visitors. Whenever you schedule your blogs, it is very important to give high priority to the comments. This is why it will be good to know why blog comments are important and what is their role in blogging.

It provides a way to understand the readers

You can get an idea about the readers that are being affected by the contents you give out on the blogging and you will also realize that your content is reaching some other communities.

This is a kind of indication that a number of people are pulled towards your blog.  For various peoples blog comments are energizing experience, whereas, for the others these comments offers a chance to provide motivation to other people. At times, it has been noticed that comments have resulted into improvements as well as additions to some blogs. This not only benefits the readers, but also makes the blog more enjoyable ultimately.

Comments are what separate the websites from the blogs

With time, your conversation builds up, and consequently the relationship of your blog and the reader will also build up and will enhance the popularity of your blog. You should motivate the readers to be a part of the discussions, and to leave comments on the blog. You should also act in response of these comments quickly.

You do not like to feel ignored when you deal with someone personally, in the similar manner the readers also do not like to be ignored and want some response from you. Once a person who owns a medifast coupons and nutrisystem discounts blog commented in my blog and he praised my post. This acted like an encouragement for me and helped me perform even better!

The positive effect of comments on the blog

You might be aware of the fact that links are very important to gain better ranking for your blog. Well, this is where blog comments play another very significant role for blogs. When a person leaves a comment on a blog, he or she also leave back some links to some other blogs or even to different websites. This is mainly done to advance the conversation, but is actually a lucky thing for your blog.

Such type of links can turn out to be good resource, which can help you to discover new blogs and to find some bloggers who belong to same niche. Sometimes, the bloggers leave behind trackbacks with their comments, which link your blog to their blogs. These trackbacks are also very useful in building your relationship with a number of other bloggers and also to drive fresh traffic to your blog.

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  • I agree with you. I have a lot of friends because of blog comments. We visit blog each other and leave comments. Often time, we discuss about blog or the latest information about blog field. exchanging experiences and often time we help each other.

  • I just started a blog on my site recently and some of the comments have a link back to sites like yahoo and google can this affect my blog and site ranking that is my main question regarding comments
    Please help…..

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