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Beating Bloggers Block

For bloggers and niche marketers the creation of constant content can often become a tedious proposition. Marketers who engage in producing their own content will undoubtedly reach a point when they cannot brainstorm content ideas – this is a typical occurrence known as writer’s block – and this can be disastrous because a website property needs content to be published consistently to remain in Google’s good books.

In this discourse I will share a few tips that will enable you to publish fresh content and will inject the impetus you need to discover your lost creativity if you ever encounter the dreaded writer’s block:

1. Hire a Freelancer

There are a large number of 3rd party freelance websites that have a host of professionals who are able to write eloquent, compelling and educational content at reasonable prices. In fact, if you are in the medical niche you can hire the services of a Medical Doctor to write an article for you, and it will not cost you an arm and a leg.

Regardless of the niche you are in, you will be able to employ a talented and informed freelance writer.

2. Allow Guest Posts

This approach is a free alternative that is growing in popularity as I speak. The guest posting dynamic has given website owners and bloggers the opportunity to publish content on their site that is written by other experts in their niche. And most guest posters will even reply to comments made on their posts.

This will allow you the time to re-energize and rejuvenate. It will also provide the much needed break that can often spark and stimulate new ideas.

3. Visit Blogs and Forums

Sometimes all you need to get the creative juices flowing is to acquire new knowledge. To do this you can visit top-level blogs and forums in your niche. Read the latest posts on these blogs and browse popular threads on the forums, and allow your mind to internalize all the information. Before you know it, your mind will begin spraying out a host of new content ideas. The mind is a powerful tool that requires fuel to function optimally. Information on blogs and forums could be the fuel your mind needs to get into gear.

4. Change Your Workspace

By changing your workspace and moving your PC to a window with a view or someplace where there is more natural light you can ignite a new energy to perform. I am amazed how a simple change in environment and surroundings can make such a profound affect on my entire being. The new surroundings are like a dose of new creativity.

5. Divorce Your PC

If all else fails then you will need to separate yourself from anything related to your blog or website. This can be a painful separation but it is often necessary to help you remain focused for the future. Take a break from your PC and embrace a hobby you’ve been neglecting, spend more time with your loved ones or just take some time out to smell the roses.

The rest period will ensure you are in equilibrium and it will give you the boost you need when you are re-united with your PC.

It is vital for every internet marketer to maintain a balance in life as this will ensure you are able to functional optimally throughout the year. When you do feel you are reaching a point of complete mind saturation you should embrace any one of these approaches mentioned, they are practical yet extremely effective.

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  • Hi Neil,

    I have very successfully implemented your first 3 tips. I constantly hire writers for the content of one of my blogs ( Since I allowed guest posts, I have free content and more time to deal with other aspects of my online endeavor. I also look for good content in forums and other blogs (yours is one) to spark new ideas for my blog.

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