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Replace Memory Hungry Programs in Your System

We all know that uninstalling unnecessary programs speeds up a computer but what if the computer runs slow even if we uninstall all the crappy programs? The answer is, the installed programs are consuming lots of memory and that’s why even though if we uninstall some of the programs, it doesn’t have effect on the performance of the OS. Below are some of the programs which can replace the memory hungry programs.

Foxit Reader Vs Adobe Reader

Almost all the adobe products are bulky/memory consuming and Adobe reader is not an exception. Foxit reader is almost as fast as Notepad! Even though the free version is fair enough, you can try pro version through which you can remove the branding at the footer of each PDF document.

Link: Foxit Reader

HootSuite Vs TweetDeck

It is a well known fact that Adobe Air apps are memory hungry and that applies for TweetDeck too! Even though Hootsuite is not available for windows, you can try the web version (you can also create application shortcuts for Hootsuite if you are on chrome). If you are a Mac user, then you can download it for free here. Don’t forget that Hootsuite is also available for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Keitai, More info here.

Link: Hootsuite

Firefox Vs Google Chrome

Even though chrome is blazing fast, it consumes lots of memory (Check its memory usage in your task manager). It is due to one of the chrome’s feature known as “Crash proofing technology”. With this feature each chrome tab is treated as an individual task (In task manager) so if one tab crashes there is no harm for the other tabs but at the same time memory consumption increases due to this feature. So Firefox is a better choice in terms of memory usage.

Link: Firefox

Norton/Eset Nod32 Vs F-secure/McAfee/Trend Micro

Choosing a high performance Antivirus is very important because it runs in system tray throughout the day. It is experimentally (after testing on several systems) proven that F-secure, McAfee and Trend Micro increases boot-time and startup time of the system. So, it’s better to go with Norton or Eset Nod32 Antivirus. I don’t want to comment on Bitdefender or Kaspersky Antivirus as they neither consume more memory nor less.

Digsby Portable Vs Yahoo messenger/Gtalk

The name itself says that it is portable! Digsby provides one combined buddy list for all your AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, Google Talk, Jabber, and Facebook friends. So there’s no need to have any other IM (instant messenger).

Link: Digsby

Glary utilities Vs Tune up utilities

Tune up utilities is packed with lots of features which are un-necessary for normal PC users. Tune up utilities runs in the background throughout the day so it eventually slows down the system while Glary utilities don’t. Glary utilities contains all the tools necessary for PC optimization like Registry cleaner, Defragmenter, Uninstaller and many more!

Link: Glary utilities

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