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Tips on Connecting Your TV to the Internet

Having your TV and internet connected is a cool way to watch your downloaded content or play your games on a large screen. Many newer TV’s can directly connect to the web, while older models can be connected in a way that allows you to use your TV as a gigantic computer monitor. Basically, all you need are a broadband connection, a TV, and a means to connect them to each other.

Connecting your TV to the Internet

  • Many newer manufacturers are equipping their TVs with an Ethernet port, which allows it to be connected to the internet. All you would need to do is plug an Ethernet cable into the TV, and then the other end into your router or modem, and your television should configure itself for internet usage.
  • The latest technology is TVs that come with Wi-Fi capability and connect wirelessly. This is much like a laptop where you would use on-screen prompts to connect to your home wireless network, and start browsing.

Connecting your TV to a Computer

  • If the computer’s video card comes equipped with an HDMI-out port, you would connect to the TV using this port and an HDMI cable. HDMI video quality is the highest available, and this would ensure that you are able to view all your HD content at its top resolution and quality.
  • Connection is still possible if there is no HDMI port. You could simply use S-Video, VGA or DVI, with DVI offering the best quality, followed closely by VGA and S-Video.

Internet TV Considerations

  • A TV screen will not offer the same resolution as a computer monitor, so content may be considerably less sharp when viewed on the television screen.
  • You may need to do some adjusting to make it look right. Television pixels are rectangular, whereas pixels on a computer are square. This can make the image appear stretched or squeezed. There should be a setting on the TV that allows you to adjust the aspect ratio to account for this.

The Benefits

  • Having your TV connected to the internet can create an amazing gaming experience, particularly if it is equipped with surround sound.
  • You will be able to utilize sites like Hulu, which allow you to watch TV episodes and movies on demand. You can even download your own content for viewing.

The Future

  • Most TVs being manufactured now come fully equipped with internet capability. There may be no need to pay for a cable connection, as you can just use your internet connection to view all your favorite programs or movies.

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  • Hi Vishal,nice and interesting topic.In all important points,I found setting on the TV that allows us to adjust the aspect ratio is most helpful for me.

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