5 Essential Copywriting Myth Busters

It is so true when they say that the web-world is buzzing with copywriting myths; the funniest part being, thousands of online copywriting companies who claim to be the right copywriters believe that these myths are actually true. In fact, they go by it so religiously that they also let it reflect in their copy which goes on to prove that they are nothing better than amateur.

If you are in the copywriting business, or you are planning to launch your new website or blog, this is for you to know that before you spend a fortune on your copy or worse, blame your copywriter, it is advisable to have a couple of handy hints up your sleeves about copywriting myths. Break them and you’ll see how your copy effortlessly reaches the target audience and contributes in conversion. Here are 5 copywriting myths that you can discard in a heavy duty garbage bag.

Let’s bust it then.

1: More the word count, the better it is for SEO. Filler is okay.

Really, how? This directly opposes the first rule of good copywriting which calls for it to be concise, precise, to the point and catchy. This may very well get you the rank in a search engine, but your bounce rate would be equally high, which negates any chances of conversions. Your visitors despise fluff. Make an impact instead.

2: Our product writer can write the copy quickly; we are really tight on budget and time.

Did we tell you that this will render your entire project futile? Copywriting is an art and is altogether a diverse form of writing that brings in sales. Do not try and save your money; whether you do it yourself or have an in-house writer who is not a copy-writer. Do work with an experienced copywriter for this will save your time and earn you more sales, eventually making up for the expense.

3: Let’s begin working on our copy once the design is done.

Wrong. It is proven, time and again that those who keep the vital element of copy for the last moment, end up with a website whose copy is scrounged together and lumpy. For an effective and compelling copy, you need to rope the copy writer in, in everything: starting discussions to meetings, planning and coordinating with your key designer. This will enable him to work on a copy that’s in sync with the design and reflects the thoughts and philosophy of the company. It is a must for your copy to grow with the other key elements of your website.

4: For copy, let’s get it done one by one.

Will not work! If you are concentrating on copy, one channel at a time, don’t be surprised why your conversion is not doing too well. Make copy an integral part of your launch strategy. Let it be in harmony with your mediums and channels and let there be consistency in good copy across your marketing channels. It’s only then your campaign will be complete; it’s only then that it will spread a sense of reliability that customers so search for in a business.

5: We must execute it properly as we will not change for at least a year.

Why not? Put a stopper to this thought and now if you want to get your business up and running. With movements, events and rise in your business, your copy needs changing from time to time too, unless you’d want to keep it static, in which case your conversions would be static too. In order to have a website that converts and if you are watching your metrics along with the keywords, you’d definitely want to update your copy with the evolving trend for the best results.

Copywriting is a spontaneous process like market trends and evolving business. Be tapped to the evolution and tweak your copy once in a while! This is the way to have a great business.

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