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Getting Your WordPress Blog Mobile Ready

The most famous Web2.0 blogs have mobile friendly versions. The significantly growing numbers of mobile users is now beating the numbers of desktop users in accessing the Internet. There are millions of mobile devices that are used to access the net. With such vast numbers, it is critical to provide content that can be shared across all mobile platforms.

Following the statistics, if users access a blog from their mobile devices and if the site is not scaled properly for the mobile interface, thus reducing efficiency, they will turn to other mobile-ready blogs.

Following such critical statistics, it is very important to get a mobile friendly version of your WordPress blog. Failing this step, users will not be able to access an intuitive interface that can result in a negative impact on your user’s experience.

Developing a WordPress mobile blog means scaling down your desktop blog so that it can cater to the needs of users who want to access your content on the go. Though this scaling down is required for all types of websites, it is much easier for WordPress blogs.

There are many available plugins that you can use and install to get a mobile ready WordPress website. Here are some of them:

WordPress Mobile Edition

This is a great plugin that lets you develop a mobile ready version of your WordPress blog, and it appends a commenting interface as well. The mobile demo on the Carrington theme is really attractive too.

The only down side is that this plugin is not meant for small screen phones. An iPhone or similar sized device would be a great platform for this plugin.

Dotmobi WordPress Mobile pack

This plugin is created by Andy Moore and offers a mobile friendly version of the WordPress blog. If you visit their website, you will not find any details or screenshots- just a forum. When you visit it, you will realize that it is actually a very famous plugin with many people installing it.

WordPress Mobile pack

Another very famous plugin set that is made by James Pearce. This plugin creates an environment for mobile devices where your WordPress blog can rest. It provides you an admin panel and provides you greater control.


This is a plugin by Mippin that makes your WordPress blog mobile ready. It even permits the users to place their own ads. This is a neat and tidy plugin and boasts of being configuration free- thus no hassles.

WordPress PDA & iPhone

If you are looking for a straightforward and simple plugin for just a plain version of the blog on iPhone or PDA, then this one is a good solution. If you visit the plugin page, you will find screenshots of how your site will appear using this plugin. It will give you an idea of the look and feel you are going to get on mobile platforms.


This plugin will create a WordPress blog that can run on mobile devices and will allow you to apply customized themes as well. Apart from that, you can also set some themes for some specific types of mobile devices.

For example, you can select different themes to be applicable on Windows CE Mobile, Opera Mini, iPhone and some other phones and browsers. It has a user friendly website, and the plugin is easy to install. Plus, they have a lot of screenshots on their site.


This WordPress blog mobile plugin will help add cool WordPress themes for iPhone users.There are many other plugins apart from these. All these plugins extend the mobile device functionality and make sure that your blog is always available to the users- no matter which platform they are using.

The language touch

There are many languages that you can use to develop a mobile friendly website. The chief language that you should know is any markup language. The most common one is XHTML, which looks quite like HTML. Though HTML is quite simple, it is not recommended for mobile platforms.

You can try learning Wireless Markup Language (WML). Java is another language that you must know to develop an effective mobile blog. There is a little amount of .NET and PHP for you to learn as well. But the language basically depends upon the mobile platform you are targeting.

By making your WordPress blog mobile friendly, you are giving people new ways to access your blog. This will reduce your downtime and will open new arenas for your business.

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